Not sure what to expect on a Backyard Roadies Tour?

Here’s some of our founding principles that will give you a good idea of what we’re about.

Travel solo, with friends or with a partner

Anyone and everyone is welcome on a Backyard Roadies tour. Whether you join solo, with a partner, with friends. We run small group tours of up to 12 people, meaning this is an ideal size group for guests to connect and explore the magic of travel outside your comfort zone without feeling overwhelmed. Connect with people – friends old and new – and at the end of the road trip you’ll be a part of the bigger Backyard Roadies whanau.

Travel like a local with us.

We provide an incredible holiday experience right here in our backyard for you. We guide you to travel our country like a local. We stay in places longer, include cultural experiences and travel in groups up to 12 people to give you a truly intimate experience. Get to know our local tour leaders and companies we work with at a deeper level.

Connect with the Land, Te Reo and Tikanga Maori

Aotearoa is steeped in history, wherever we take you there’s a story and you’ll discover these on the road. Our tours start with a Karakia – a blessing and quest for guidance and protection – and along the road trip you’ll be immersed in authentic kiwi culture. Whether it’s moments of reflection, stories of ancestry, or connecting with the locals in the areas we explore – we don’t just experience backyard Aotearoa, we live it, understand it, and appreciate it.

Let yourself be guided

Travelling with Backyard Roadies means getting amongst an authentic, grass roots trip led by a team of passionate and enthusiastic guides. The Backyard Roadies crew are avid explorers with a knack for uncovering hidden gems, getting immersed amongst the people and places we visit and generally curating unforgettable experiences. So, no matter your previous travel history with NZ, we’ve got some surprise and delights up our sleeves.

Wholesome vibes all round

Introvert? No problem. Extrovert? No problem. No matter orientation, inclination, or persuasion we always aim to create a safe, inclusive Backyard Roadies atmosphere. So, to truly get the most out of your road trip, we encourage you to fully immerse yourself in the activities and experiences we do during the day. But, hey, do we go out and explore the nightlife? Yes. (Responsibly? Yes). Do we also enjoy a night in, lying in a hammock and swapping yarns while we drink tea? Also, yes. Balance.

Any Questions?

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