Explore New Zealand’s Backyard like a Local

Explore Aotearoa New Zealand’s backyard through fresh eyes, with fresh vibes. Small group tours up to 12 people for those aged 18+. Backyard Roadies mission is to bring people together to create incredible travel experiences right here in New Zealand. Our purpose is about connection. Whether that’s connecting with friends – old and new, connecting with the fun and adventurous experiences, connecting with the land and its stories, or even just connecting with yourself, Backyard Roadies will guide you to discover New Zealand like a local

Backyard Roadies is the manifestation of one kiwi man, who after many years of travelling Southeast Asia, having conquered and survived backpacker life – both in work and play, and mastered the art of the ‘road trip’, has returned home to reimagine what it means to explore and experience New Zealand like never before. No big cash backing, no multinational corporate investors, just a savvy travel enthusiast who’s equally passionate about youth, mental health, and small group tours around Aotearoa.

Travelling with Backyard Roadies means getting amongst an authentic, grass roots trip led by a team of passionate and enthusiastic guides. Jason and the Backyard Roadsters launched this idea and were dedicated to helping other small tourism businesses around the country. In the wake of COVID19 where larger corporates and multinational travel groups pulled back and out of NZ, we’re diving in headfirst to rediscover and connect with New Zealand – all the people, places, and stories in our own Backyard for you.

Small group of people on a pier posing for a photo in front of an impressive winter mountain backdrop


It’s been an era of disconnect. We’ve been locked in our homes and locked out of the world. Our aim is to make you feel connected on our tours. Connect with people – with friends old and new, connect with the land, connect with the experience, and ultimately connect with yourself.

The guys clambering over a rocky beach next to a bright blue lake


We provide an incredible holiday experience right here in our backyard for you. We guide you to travel our country like a local. We stay in places longer, include cultural experiences and travel in groups up to 12 people to give you a truly intimate experience. Get to know our local tour leaders and companies we work with at a deeper level.


Everyone is welcome on a Backyard Roadies tour. Whether you join solo, with a partner, with friends. Introvert? no problem. Extrovert? no problem. No matter orientation, inclination, or persuasion we want to create a safe, inclusive Backyard Roadies crew. As diverse as we are, so are our activities and our style of travel so we make sure everyone’s cup is full.

Two people leaping into the air high fiving


Aotearoa is steeped in history, everywhere we take you has a story, and you’ll soon discover these on the road. Backyard Roadies has a story too. From one man who’s mastered the ‘art of road trips’ in the far east, who’s both lived and worked the backpacker life, and who’s come full circle on self-discovery and meaningful exploration to reimagine what it means to have memorable travel experiences.

young man in akayak taking a selfie with a group of people in kayaks smiling and waving


Whanau is everything at Backyard Roadies. The traveler’s, the guides, the locals, the iwi, the operators, the hosts – each bringing a unique energy and passion to our purpose. Coming on a Backyard Roadies tour means you’re joining a family. Fellow roadies may just live around the metaphorical corner from you – one of the silver linings of our fair country being quite small – so it is our hope that we and you and your new mates remain connected long after the road trip ends.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join Jason and the crew on our New Zealand group tours and explore our country like never before!

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